Acceptable Use

PURPOSE As part of its mission to provide a broad range of information and educational resources, Medina Community Library (“the Library”) offers Internet access at the Library’s on-line public access computer (“OPAC”) workstations.

DISCLAIMER While access to the Internet can provide a wealth of valuable information, it is an unregulated medium that may contain material that is incomplete inaccurate, illegal, and/or which some individuals may find objectionable or disturbing. The Library specifically disclaims any warranty as to the accuracy, authoritativeness, timeliness, usefulness or fitness for a particular purpose of any information received through this medium. The Library shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss, damages, or consequences sustained or incurred in connection with the operations and use of the Library’s computers. Each person using the Library’s equipment is responsible for complying with applicable copyright laws and licensing agreements pertaining to software, files, and/or other resources he/she obtains via the Internet and the individual user, not the Library, shall be liable for any infringement.


All users of the Library’s OPAC workstations must first agree to comply with the terms of this acceptable internet Use Policy. Minors (under 18 years of age) need the written permission of their parent or guardian.

  • By mutual consent, two persons may share one access session on an OPAC computer (if each has a signed copy on file agreeing to the Library’s Acceptable Internet Use Policy), as long as their behavior or conversations do not disturb others
  • The Library does not provide e-mail accounts or e-mail software. Patrons may setup or access existing web-based accounts, but no files may be stored on the Library’s computers
  • Black and white printing is available at .25 per letter-sized page

PROHIBITIONS Users are strictly and specifically prohibited from:

  • accessing, transmitting, uploading, downloading, or distributing pornographic obscene, abusive, sexually explicit materials, slanderous, libelous, obscene, threatening, or harassing messages; using the internet for unlawful or malicious activities; using objectionable language in either private or public messages;
  • intentionally displaying material or images that others may find objectionable; intentionally violating, the privacy of others; harassing other library or computer users or staff’;
  • obtaining unauthorized access to files, data or passwords of others; disrupting or monitoring electronic communications without authorization; violating computer system security, violating license agreements and/or copyright laws pertaining to software, files, and/or other resources obtained via the Library’s OPAC computers; damaging or attempting to alter computer equipment; installing, downloading, or modifying computer software;


Given cause to believe that a user has knowingly engaged in any prohibited activity listed above, Library staff is authorized to terminate that user’s access session to suspend that user’s OPAC privileges for up to two weeks, or, in consultation, with the board President, to terminate that user’s privileges permanently. Library staff may terminate the access session of any user, or suspend the OPAC privileges for up to two weeks, of any user who continues to violate other provisions of the library’s Acceptable Use Policy and/or engages in disruptive or inappropriate behavior even after having been given verbal warning by the staff.